Current weather in Chengdu

Rain and weather forecast for Chengdu.

Current temperature / feels like
Lightning 2212km from Chengdu

Weather forecast Chengdu

The weather for the coming 24 to 48 hours.

Night Cloudy with some rain
Raindrop 1.3 mm
Morning Sun and chance of a shower
Raindrop 0.2 mm
Afternoon Regular sun, also clouds 13°
Raindrop 0.1 mm
Evening Grey and some period of rain 10°
Raindrop 2.1 mm
48 hours forecast Arrow right

Precipitation radar

Radar loading... Map with China in the center and a precipitation layer on top. 03:40 AM
Interactive precipitation radar Arrow right

Precipitation graph

The forecasted precipitation in the coming 8 hours.

Sun duration graph

The forecasted amount of sunshine for the coming 24 hours.